Autumn Fog

fog cows field

autumn trees

Fog spider web

Autumn tunnel

When it comes to autumn, I am as ‘basic’ as you can get. Cinnamon, coffee, jumpers, and of course the gem of autumn, the turning of the leaves, make me practically giddy with happiness.

I woke up on Sunday Morning to find that a heavy fog had descended over London. It was a beautiful contrast to the vivid reds and oranges of the autumn leaves so I ventured out of London to find the nearest forest I could find. To be honest, I have no idea where I actually ended up, but it makes a bit more magical that way doesn’t it?

Is there anything more atmospheric than fog? At home, fog captures images of ghost ships and a never-ending sea, but in London it feels almost like a Victorian era novel, with the narrow streets lined with grey buildings and dark silhouettes under street lights.

Autumn is certainly a contender for favourite season (I am an autumn child after all), but it’s always been bitter-sweet, for I know that the beauty of the trees are fleeting and there is little stopping the bleak colourless form of winter.

autumn fog

autumn forest fog


autumn leaves

Autumn fog

memorial mist


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