The Best Walks in London: Regent’s Canal

Canal boat in Little Venice  canal boat in little venice

canal boats in regent's canal

birds in little venice

So I’ve been in London officially a month.

Having moved from a small town in Scotland, it has been pretty darn exciting living somewhere so big, busy and vibrant. To be honest, one of the best parts has been the food. There is so many places and cuisines I want to eat!

However, my dependency on public transport has led me to miss the long dawdling walks along the beach and on twisty country lanes. Applying for jobs entails being chained to your desk, attempting to make yourself sound appealing to employers, and sadly that means a lot of time inside. This coincided with the tiniest basement window possible and a lot of frustrated head bashing, meant I was in dire need of an escape.

I have, therefore, become intent on finding the best walks in London.

A bit of googling led me to Regent’s Canal, and after sitting in my dark little room for days, the serenity and openness of the place was heavenly.

Regent’s Canal is pretty long and you can follow it along for quite a while, but I started in the most popular starting point, Little Venice in Maida Vale (easily accessed from the Warwick Avenue tube station), and followed it along to Camden Lock, a busy market area filled with hot fried food and clothing stalls. That’s really only the beginning, but I am planning on returning and following it along until its end, where it meets the Thames.

One of the most interesting parts is where the path runs through the London Zoo and you pass under the overarching Aviary that is filled with large winged birds that swoop down close as you walk. There is also a little canal boat that can take you on a tour along Regent’s Canal for those who want something more relaxing. There are plenty of cafes and pretty shops along the canal, so take your time to explore the areas around.

I’m planning on exploring more, so If anyone knows any other walks in London, or nearby, I would love to hear about them!

Mansion on Regent's canal

mansion on regent's canal

canal boat london guard

regents canal

Regent's Canal chinese restaraunt

autumn in regent's canal

camden lock regent's canal


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