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Grød: Copenhagen

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So we arrived in Copenhagen in the middle of a snowstorm. Underdressed, freezing, soaked through to the skin, and with three hours before we received the keys to our airbnb, we wandered round the city dreaming of warm beds and cups of tea. Thankfully Copenhagen has no lack of coffee shops and in true Danish style, they all looked cosy and welcoming.

We stumbled upon Torvehallerne, an (indoor, thank god) farmers market next to Nørrebro metro station. It consists of two glass and steel constructions filled with various stalls selling food from artisanal chocolates to Spanish tapas. The venue has a fantastic feel about it, something that can be found all over Copenhagen. It’s light, stylish and contemporary, and while busy, there is little pushing or rushing, just a chilled out atmosphere to enjoy while sipping a coffee (I recommend Coffee Collective, the smell of the shop is enough to entice you in!)

It was only 10:00 so breakfast was the order of the hour. While the various incredible pastries and baked goods were a very close order, we decided on porridge at Grød, and we were certainly weren’t disappointed! (I did go back for a Kanelsnegle later though, because I have no food limits.)

Grød, as noted in its name, only sells porridge. Porridge never sounds like the most appealing food to eat and often stirs up memories of bland, grey, lumpy mush, but Grød takes it to its rightful level. While we went for the classic breakfast options, they also sell food that caters to lunch and dinner appetites such as risotto, dahl and asian rice porridge.

I ordered a classic oat porridge, topped with homemade dulche de leche, fresh apple & roasted almonds and it was possibly the best porridge I’ve ever had. It was warm, flavourful, and a had great blend of textures.


oat porridge

However, my boyfriend ordered Risengrød, a traditional danish rice porridge, topped with cinnamon sugar and butter. He’s Finnish, and rice porridge is a food traditionally eaten during Christmas in both Finland and many Scandinavian countries. He has often spoken about craving it, so finding it on the menu was very exciting!

The only problem was, after having a spoon of his I immediately regretted my order, because wow, it was absolutely phenomenal. It tasted like christmas, childhood and what I presume ambrosia tastes like (not the custard) all rolled into one warm hug. I do have an unnatural obsession with cinnamon though, so this was right up my street. Isn’t it the worst when someone else orders something better than you? I may have eaten most of his in retaliation.


Danish rice porridge with cinnamon sugar and butter

There are now three Grød stores in Copenhagen: Jægersborrgade, Torvehallerne, and Guldberg Gade. We visited ended up also visiting the Guldberg Gade shop also as we found it round the corner from our apartment and couldn’t help but buy another bowl of Risengrød!


Looking very happy with his bowl of Risengrød!

Ah, Summer, I’m missing you already.

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The view from my window



November. It’s my birthday month, and as always I always look forward to its coming. I remember the best parts; friends and celebrations; crisp air and crunchy leaves; and being cocooned in blankets. But what I always forget, is that it is almost always completely overcast, and five days in, I am already wishing for some blue, blue skies. So I’m trying to get some secondary vitamin D by looking at photos from summer, and I thought I’d share some of the sunshine.

These are from my trip to Northern Spain, in the mountains of Cantabria, where I tagged along, last minute, on my parents holiday. Due to the last minute booking, I had very little knowledge of where we were actually going, so I relied on my Dad’s skill in holiday booking and hoped for the best.

I slept the entire plane journey and was prepared to wake up to beautiful blue skies, but alas, the moment we stepped off of the plane, we were surrounded by thick fog. The next step was to drive to our accommodation, which involved a heavy amount of twisty roads climbing higher and higher up into the peaks. Not that we could see a thing! The fog was so thick there was little to be seen past a few feet.

It was not until the morning that the view was revealed to us. And wow, what a view it was. The mountains were absolutely spectacular, and so varied! You would turn a corner and there would be an entirely different landscape before you.

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